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Sexy Fish Kuikku

Sexy Fish’s quick menu



Berkeley Square House
Berkeley Square
London W1J 6BR

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February 2019

If it’s not Friday, it’s hard to take a long lunch. But, it’s always great to dine well. Now, express menus don’t often scream luxe, but the Kuikku Menu at Sexy Fish most definitely does. Choose four dishes from an excellent menu, and they will get you in and out, with dessert, in an hour. Dishes include classics like spicy yellowtail maki and prawn gyozas, as well as burrata & pear sichuan pepper, sea bass with chilli and coriander, charred baby chicken and the new to us kingfisher tataki; it was great to try some different things. They also have lobster and wagyu for supplements, and all ‘quick’ menus come with a choice of fruit or chocolate dessert. This truly is an efficient way to have a luxe lunch. And at £36 per person, this may just be the best value lunch in London.

Kuikku Menu

Originally published on
14th February 2019


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