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Tea Room

Bun House’s subterranean Cantonese drinking den


Opening hours

Sun-Wed: 5pm-12.30am
Thu-Sat: 5pm-3am


23 Greek St, Soho, W1D 4DZ

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When Bun House opened around the corner from UJHQ, we couldn’t get enough of their fluffy, Cantonese-style bao buns. Now whenever we go in we’re faced with a dilemma – bun upstairs, or sharing plates and dynamite cocktails downstairs.

Tea Room is below the main restaurant – a neon-lit den drinking and snacking den with serious flair, and a cocktail menu to match. Mark off your options from their tick list menu – which is broken into 5 sections – snack, fryer, dish, clay pot rice and coal grill skewers. Our faves are the iberico char siu rice, the whole mackerel, and pretty much all of the skewers. Seriously, order them all. And the drinks? Oh, the drinks. Each cocktail might seem pricey at almost £14, but you don’t need a lot. Each drink on the enigmatic menu is described by its two main flavours, and you’ll have to ask to find out what else is in it. We tried the basil and grape and the cucumber and coriander as it was a hot day, but the adventurous can try daikon and bok choi, or malt soy and job’s tears.


Originally published on
14th August 2017


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