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Dover Street Market, LA

A game-changer from Rei Kawakubo

608-608 Imperial St, Los Angeles, CA 90021, USA

Dover Street Market’s global operation is already renowned for being at the vanguard of streetwear, homeware and fashion drops. How to up the game for Los Angeles? The international style haven has opened a sprawling 15,000 sq ft light-filled warehouse space in downtown LA, housing a series of installations, capsule collections and store-in-stores, as well as a Rose Bakery with an outdoor terrace. No Vacancy Inn released exclusive pieces to celebrate the DSMLA launch, and look out for Stüssy and Off-White™ capsules, too. Our favourite has been the Cactus Plant Flea Market, who has been using recycled Nike clothing their collection, made up of an edit of just 50 pieces. 


Originally published on
13th November 2018


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