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Unsurprisingly, almost every American we met in Peru was on altitude pills. Our doctor in the UK advised it was best not to take them, but do your own research. Altitude is a definite thing, though. Plan the order of your trip with this in mind, or just try to be careful for the first three to four days.

Local airlines frequently cancel flights or go on strike, so try to go with one of the bigger airlines, like LATAM, for internal flights, and do book a ticket that allows you to cancel, as things change.

Save room in your luggage to buy things. It’s hard to ship things back while you’re there, so expect to carry anything you purchase.

Try to get an e-sim as Peru isn’t usually included in many UK mobile companies’ international plans (even with travel ‘add ons’). If you forget travel insurance, it’s difficult but not impossible to get (try True Traveller) once you have left the country.

UV rays are extremely strong when you are in high altitudes, so make sure you’re wearing sunscreen, even in the car and plane.

Originally published on
28th February 2024


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