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B-EAT at Tomorrowland

B-Eat At Tomorrowland

So, when we were invited by the Las Vegas Tourism Board to go to Tomorrowland to see top Vegas chefs on stage, alongside DJs, to eat a three-course dinner, and dance – all to the backdrop of an open kitchen – we didn’t know what to expect. But you know what? We had a great, great time. Vegas has always known how to entertain – and this B-EAT ‘session’ (as it was called) didn’t disappoint. Highlights were definitely the chefs – this was not your average festival fare – and the space. The intimate stage where the sessions were held was a welcome reprieve from the (brilliant) mayhem of Tomorrowland. And in typical Vegas style, this really seemed to be a hospitality first – and we’re sure it won’t be the last we’ll see of this concept. So Vegas, well done you! We’ll have another plate of those (delicious) prawns, with a side of tunes any day.


Originally published on
3rd August 2017


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