Red, white and blue

Ten years ago, there were a few Halloween parties. And as for Thanksgiving, it really was only Christopher’s. Fast forward to 2019 and Halloween seemed to last a week – there were even less zombies and more dress as your favorite whatever, in true American style. The Americana theme continued with the slew of recent Thanksgiving gatherings – any excuse to celebrate, right? But it doesn’t stop there. From fitness and fashion to good old-fashioned fun, it seems like we’re having a bit of an Americana love-in.

Let’s start with fitness, and namely, the recent US import of SoulCycle. Spinning, yes, we’ve got the hang of that already. But high fiving your neighbours? Whooping in class, and listening to a motivational, feel-good candlelit chat at the end? So far, so not British. But for some reason, it’s working here. On our recent trip to SoulCycle, there wasn’t a free bike – at 9:45 AM on Friday (doesn’t anyone work… or party on Thursday anymore for that matter?). Whoop on.

On the casual fash front, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and Gant have been leading the preppy Americana way for ages. But hold up! This year it’s been all about Perry Ellis. 4th of July pool party at Soho House Berlin with Honey Dijon, Fat Tony and more flown-in sinfluencers than you can shake a stick at? Check. Thanksgiving lunch with London’s glitterati at The Court? Yes they did. Logo’d up tracksuits, rugby shirts and Ts with America plastered across the front? Por favor.

And lastly for the fun factor. Hamleys may have had the local and tourist toy market on lock since time (like our lingo there?), but F.A.O Schwarz has recently moved into Selfridges, and you can now book time on the piano floor mat from the movie Big; which is big.

We don’t like orange. But we do like red, white and blue.

Originally published on
5th December 2019


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