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Issued by Bottega

With busts come booms, or so we hope. And on the publishing front, we’re definitely seeing some movement – here’s what’s on our radar.

On the brand front, Bottega may have closed their Instagram, but if you haven’t checked out their digital ‘Issued by Bottega’, it’s worth a look. Free, glossy, innovative, collaborative and luxe, this is definitely a move in the right direction – like a truly fresh approach. Also, Missy E.

As for platform news, Sharmadein Reid (WAH Nails, Beautystack) has a new site – The Stack World – for ‘city-based women with a desire for change.’ Here, a monthly subscription fee will get you events (like Common Mistakes Founders Make During a Pitch, which sounds great) and content that she hopes ‘will help women level up their lives.’

One we’ve definitely got our eye on: Katie Grand may have left Love, but here new branded content agency, The Perfect Magazine, is alive and kicking. Feeling very 2021, they make content that can take any form (smart cookie). Their first mag, ‘Issue Zero’, is 464 pages, weighs 3kg, costs £38, is limited to 20,000 copies and was based around a music collab with Gucci. Top that. It’s no wonder or surprise she has brands lined up already (again).

And lastly, over in Hollywood: Kourtney K’s POOSH (2019) – which, like GOOP, covers sex and wellbeing, but with a more Kardashian tone (recent subject line: TEASE PLEASE) – seems to be gaining traction; after 20 years, Oprah’s O mag has gone digital, and Drew Barrymore has a new mag, DREW (no, not the Bieber clothing line, keep up) with Bauer Media.

Originally published on
9th April 2021


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