You can dance if you want to

The Zone, 'Toxic' set

Dancing has always been good for the soul. But these days, it’s not only clubs and carnivals where you can get your groove on. From an exhibition in LA to apps and brand new classes, these days it’s all about the dance.

First up is the one we need to get to now. The Zone is a 30,000 sq ft Britney pop up in LA, where you can recreate her most famous music videos. We kid you not. With sets that look as realistic as the ones she used for her music videos – high school lockers, airplane, mission control station – this would be hours of fun. The new Disneyland? We think so.

Then it’s the DIY one. After getting stuck down one too many TikTok holes (after reading The Face’s feature on Charli D’Amelio and her sister and the latest name, Noen Eubanks, we’re slightly, oddly addicted to looking at this TikTok world). Magazine covers, FROW fashion seats, designer ads/product placement, a hype content-making house (the new university dorm?) and even some political activation… what’s next? Too late to Tik? We don’t know, but we’re going to be asking a 6-year old for a tutorial soon.

Lastly, it’s dance schools. At Your Beat seems to have some of London’s finest dancers leading attendees through the steps (check out Joelle and Kashpowell). And why wouldn’t you want to spend your Sunday doing a Superbowl workshop, J.Lo vs Shakira style? Sounds too good to be true, but a word of caution: they say it’s for all levels, and we’re not sure what their starting point is – but it’s definitely not beginner.


Originally published on
2nd March 2020


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