Gyms Gone Wild

Interview to workout?


We’re okay with paying substantial fees for great fitness facilities. We’re even okay to be waitlisted to get into a gym – no one wants a crowded sweatspace. But needing to be ‘accepted’ to a gym, like at a members’ club? Come on. Seems like there’s a new wave of gyms sweeping the States that are doing just that. The New York Times recently reported that Remedy Place, ‘the world’s first social wellness club’ in LA and NYC, asks for interviews, and is looking for people who are ‘a good representation of the brand’. Oooof. They also mentioned Heimat in LA (‘the world’s first concept fitness club’), whose owner is ‘very specific about the types of people he wants to join’, citing he’s not looking for people who keep to themselves (guess that’s us out then). The article also goes on to mention Ghost, who are ‘accepting thought leaders, creatives, founders etc’… And it continues to list even more. Do we really want to always be around like-minded people? We’re hoping this is one trend that does not make it over here.

Originally published on
3rd April 2023


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