Wine Subscriptions

Vino with a plan

There have always been wine clubs and delivery, but now, largely as a result of lockdown, we’ve got some great new wine subscription options.

The team at Six by Nico have been busy on the delivery front. With six new brands for ‘at home’, they aren’t messing around, and Stem is their wine subscription one. Subscribe to Stem and every month you’ll receive five half bottles (white and red) that have been handpicked to hopefully give you a range of tastes. It comes beautifully packaged, with menu suggestions and easy-to-read tasting notes, all for £55 including delivery. It actually makes the whole quaffing thing quite fun.

For something less frequent, Bar Douro has a wine club that will send you a case of six Portuguese wines every quarter. You’ll also receive tasting notes and food pairing tips – we’d suggest ordering something from their restaurant to accompany and make a night of it.

For two that are flexible: first, it’s the Crispin Wine Club. Choose your frequency (every 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks), number of bottles (3 or 5), and type (white and orange, red, or mixed – they focus on natural and low intervention here) and voilà! Wine. And for the most flexible of the lot, it’s Pickers, which you can order on demand. Founded by two hospitality veterans, Pickers began in the March lockdown, when they were missing choosing wines for people. They focus on good wine, as they say, be that natural, fine, wild or familiar. We like.

Originally published on
14th December 2020


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