Wellbeing: Fitness


High-end fitness with no strings attached

241 Pavilion Rd, Chelsea, SW1X 0BP

Want the luxury of a boutique gym and spa but don’t want to pay a hefty monthly fee? Then try KXU, the pay-as-you-go offering from Chelsea-based private health club KX. If you’re familiar with the original KX, you’ll know that with a 2k joining fee and £575 monthly membership, it’s hardly cheap, so KXU is a way to get a flavour of the luxury without the matching bank account. KXU is a 5,700 metre space encompassing all the equipment you could ever want, group fitness areas, a café, a cryotherapy room, an infra-red sauna and a spa. Phew. All we can say is, if you’re as serious about your R&R as you are your fitness, KXU is the place for you.

Originally published on
7th November 2017


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