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Spin, Barry’s, Lagree, pilates, HIIT, TRX, boxing, PTs, retreats – you name it, we’ve done it. But group PTs. Now this was something different. After quickly scrolling by an image on Instagram advertising a 30-day trial of PTs and gym sessions at the well-respected, decade-old W10 gym, we decided it was worth a go. And if you live in the area, you should too!

The Facts

Located on Kensal Road, W10 says they are ‘results-based fitness’. Here you’ll find an open gym that resembles something you might see for cross fit, that offers up to 60 classes a week and group or individual PTs.

The Vibe

We were members of The Third Space for years (like 10+), but it never really felt like a ‘Third Space’ (probably just too big). We blitz in and out of fitness classes without so much as catching eyes with others (we likely aren’t that friendly). But here, you have to make friends. Walk in and all the trainers say hi –  and they use your name! Other gym goers are friendly, but not too chatty – it’s the perfect mix; we’re here to work out after all. Music blasts everything from Backstreet Boys and house to pop and a bit of Drake – they keep it interesting here; we like. We even noticed them advertising their neighbourhood Christmas party, all invited. You don’t get that at Fitness First.

The Trainers

They say that trainers truly have to put in the work to get a job here – they work the floor for free for ages, to make sure they are a good fit. A gym-ternship, if you will, and it shows. This is a good crew.

The Fitness

Want to take it easy for the day? No chance. Here they push you, but of course, all in a safe, well-calculated way. Never done a deadlift before? You’ll be buying grips in a month. Haven’t pushed a sled? Get ready, you’ll be (silently) competing with your fellow gym-mate. Hang off a bar for a minute? You’ll soon realise just how long 15 seconds is.

Group PTs

After years of training one to one with a PT, we weren’t sure how we would find group PTs. Would sessions be bespoke enough? Here they definitely were. With a max of four other people in your class (we never had more than two others, and sometimes were even alone), trainers are still able to watch your technique and tailor circuits to each participant. It was a nice change to have others going through the paces with you too.


Booking classes and PTs on their app is a breeze. For PTs, choose the time and trainer you want, add a reminder to your calendar and you’re done.

Anything Else

Here it’s not about fancy fitness gear and designer shakes (we toned it down for sure). It’s good people, creating a welcoming community to really reach your goals. Changing rooms are simple but have all the essentials (Dyson dryers, straighteners, hair elastics) and are never that crowded, which is a nice change.

One More Thing

After recently being locked out of a 1 Rebel class for being on time (literally: we arrived at 9:45 for a class that began at 9:45) it’s a relief to know that here, you might be jokingly scolded for being a couple minutes late, but you’ll still get to train. Life is stressful enough in London – getting locked out of fitness classes isn’t a stress we need.

30 Day Trial

Contact info@w10performance.com if you’d like to find out more about their 30 day trial program which is £179 to get into the best shape of your life. And that’s just the start…

Originally published on
5th December 2019


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