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US comes to Notting Hill


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We likely don’t need to introduce you to SoulCycle – the US feel-good spin class/cult – but in case you didn’t know, they’ve recently opened their second London location, on the very prime real estate of Portobello Road in Notting Hill.


Here you’ll find the usual SoulCycle vibes; a clean, bright white space with yellow accents and neon, motivational slogans and water machines to refill your bottles (which they supply for a £2 deposit if you forget yours).

Changing Rooms

As you’d expect for £24 a class, products are top notch: Le Labo hand wash and Dyson hairdryers. There isn’t a lot of room in here, so if you can, shower elsewhere. There are USB ports in lockers, which is handy.

The Studio

Inside the 60-bike room it’s dark, loud, energetic, positive, and we even saw people high-fiving one another. The motivational excerpts that were slipped in at the end even felt suitable and – dare we say it – good, and we’re not sure why. The reception area is like a social meeting point; really feels different to all other London studios.

The Music

Many claim that this is like going to a club – and we will admit, get the right trainer and it’s a very good time in here. It’s as much fun as one can have, working out at 9AM. Trainers all seem to play different styles of music though (we had hip hop once, a cheesy mash up the second time, and rock the third), so do remember their names, so you can book in to music you like. It really matters.

Anything Else

Shoes don’t seem to be sprayed between sessions, but overall, the place seems pristine; especially for the volume of people going in and out. Bikes don’t have digi dials, so you really have to monitor yourself, and the merch is not cheap, but the quality looks top notch.

Originally published on
5th December 2019


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