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Pfeffer Sal

Forever You treatment

So you know we are fans of Pfeffer Sal. Not only are they our go-to for facials, but we buy almost all of our skincare there (they now sell online), and over corona, they impressed us with their digital appointment offerings, too. And now we have another reason to pop in: the quick, photo-ready sculpting pick me up, Forever You.


If you’re looking for a treatment that injects more oomph than a usual glow facial, but still doesn’t leave you stripped of your base skin layer and is quick, with almost no recovery time, then this is it.

The Process

The treatment is just over an hour (85 mins) and combines lasers for collagen growth/skin tightening, and NIT (near infrared tech) to lift and sculpt the skin. They also use a gentle lactic acid peel, and light therapy (we love). You definitely glow post treatment.

Best For

This is a great one pre-event, but as the collagen formation really peaks 10 days post treatment, make sure to plan in advance. Start with a Welcome Essential facial, and book this to follow.

Originally published on
14th July 2020


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