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Ricari Studios at The NoMad

Drain, sculpt, get svelte


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Located in the chambers of what was the old courthouse (supposedly Dame Vivienne Westwood was once held here, as were the Suffragettes), the Ricari Studios, a well-known LA brand, are offering face and body lymphatic drainage and sculpting treatments. Ricari means to ‘bring energy’ back into something’ – which is the foundation of these circulation-based treatments.

It’s rare to find a treatment room with style, but here, they’ve made you feel like they are in a cosy hotel room. Artwork adorns the walls, there’s a tiled washroom with shower, great soundsystem, stylish side tables and dressers, and an amazing scent throughout.

The Treatment
Choose your focus – face, body, or both – and treatment. The well-known Signature Treatment uses a mixture of draining, remodelling (their word, not ours), and toning to support circulation, reduce inflammation, and support detoxification.

The Process
Your therapist utilises a large hose with suction – imagine a tiny vacuum cleaner and that’s what it’s a bit like – moving it over your body, which is clad in a thin, sock-like bodysuit. Frequency levels can be adjusted as they work over your chosen target areas. You are then put in drainage ‘trousers’ while they increase the pressure – it feels similar to having your pulse and blood pressure checked. Treatments are customisable, and you fill out a large in-depth pre-appointment form (including whether you like to speak to your therapist or not), so they are well-versed by the time you arrive.

Best For
For anyone who’s suffered post-flight inflammation, this would be a treat. Also you do feel lighter, so it’s great for event prep. They can also work on areas to sculpt, depending on what is needed for your outfit of choice. Who knew we were so malleable?

Originally published on
29th November 2021


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