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New London spots


There seem to be two camps right now in the vegan camp. The vegan junk food side, and the elevated, almost, dare-we-say fashion vegan. Whichever way you lean, there are some great options coming through.

For two on the junk food side:

Bad Vegan in Camden’s Buck Street Market, by the Tom Kerridge team, has menu items like The Taternator and vegan mega shakes.

Rudy’s Vegan Diner has opened its second location in Islington, with vegan versions of its Diner classics and retro diner styling (we like the yellow booths).

On the more haute vegan side:

123V by Alexis Gauthier looks GREAT – all woven bistro chairs and white tablecloths – and Holy Carrot, from an ex-Vogue producer at Urban Retreat, looks very en vogue (we love the artwork, photography, and menu).

Vegan, you’ve come a long way!

Originally published on
5th July 2021


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