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Jackson Boxer

The chef gives us the down low on his go-to spots

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Ahead of the opening of St Leonards, his new joint venture with Andrew Clarke, we quizzed Jackson Boxer about his favourite spots in the city.

Which chef should we be watching this year?
I’m most excited about Elizabeth Haigh’s first solo spot, and Selin Kiazim’s Sophomore. I’ve cooked with both of them and love their food. But I think in terms of a constantly evolving and developing talent, Merlin Labron-Johnson will continue to kill it. He’s got some things on the cards for later this year which will be fascinating to watch.

Where’s your all-time favourite London restaurant?
St John is the first proper restaurant I went to when I was twelve. I loved it so much I never wanted to leave. And in some ways I never have.

Where do you go to celebrate?
Quo Vadis, always. Not that it’s necessarily intended – sometimes I arrive miserable. But I’m always celebrating by the time they chuck me out.

What’s your local?
The Canton Arms.

Where do you go for a retail fix?
Shopping gives me zero pleasure, but a morning spent rooting around the stalls of Ardingly or Kempton markets can produce thrilling results.

What’s your order at the bar?
In my youth it was always Negroni to start, Campari Soda to follow, then Fernet to pick up the pace. I’m a semi-retired drunk now I’m a parent though, so try and limit myself to sniffing at wine like an unbearable ponce.

Originally published on
24th April 2018


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