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ROKA Charlotte Street

Sakura Sunday Brunch


Opening hours

12:30- 4PM

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ROKA is good anytime, but a lazy Sunday brunch, surrounded by the now-permanent cherry blossom installation is a sure win. Their new Sunday brunch has two menus to choose from (£60 and £80 for premium) and comes with a selection of cocktails (wasabi Bloody Mary, yuzu highball, pineapple/mezcal concoction) and wines, as well as a selection of ROKA faves. Sushi and sashimi, tartares, rolls, dumplings, soft shell crab with chilli, black cod, lamb cutlets, robata cobia with truffle and a dessert boat (UJloves) were all amongst the offerings. And the best part: staff serve you. No buffet, hooray. Brunch may be in the Shochu Lounge downstairs, but with cherry blossoms and skylights, you’re transported elsewhere.


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